Who is Alice?

Hello, dear visitor. My name is Alice and I live in Vladivostok. it’s somewhere on the edge of the Earth, if you wonder.

— Nice to meet you.

Let me tell you something about myself

— Oh, this is me. Nice.

I love tea and coffee, and I still can’t decide, what I prefer. I’ve got a huge collection of great music thanks to my dad and brothers. And I’ve been to so many places on the Earth thanks to my mum. I’m a student of Vladivostok State University and a teacher at a Federal Education Center Unium. I’ve spent thirteen years dancing. And I love baking and cooking.

And about the photography

I was a little girl when I first took my dad’s camera and realized that I love how it feels and sounds. And that moment changed my life. In 2015 I have finally got my own Nikon D5200 and started shooting more often.

— And I love my camera!

I take pictures travelling around the world and walking around my city. I love shooting streets, people, nature, sea, but I’ve never published my pictures before (a few posts on Facebook don’t count). And here I decided to start sharing my works with the world.

Thanks to my beloved boyfriend I’ve got this site. And thanks to him I posted the first photo. And thanks to him I am the happiest Alice in the world.

Please feel free to comment my pictures and ask any questions. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog.

— Welcome!